A channel is a bridge from one consciousness into another; one frequency into another. In our realm of duality, where frequencies are constantly shifting, there are those of us who choose to be bridges of states of consciousness that are more stable, such as the Angelic frequency. As a channel I can create a space of consciousness within the form and the energy field. I can merge with a higher consciousness Being and radiate its vibration. I become a bridge between you and the Being I channel.

There are basically two types of channels; those who are considered trance channels and those who are conscious channels. Trance channels go in such a deep relaxed state, that for the most part they allow the beings they channel to take over their bodies and deliver the message themselves. On the contrary, the conscious channel is aware of what is going on, as if he/she is sitting on the backseat of a car, while the Being or collective that is coming through, is driving the car. Another analogy to describe conscious channeling would be that the channel and the Being, which have merged, have the capacity to “turn up or down the volume” of each other to bring the message forth. I am one of those: A conscious channel.

The messages that I bring forth can be in spoken language, which is what most people are familiar with, but can also come in the form of energy, including light language, which may not be understood by you on a mental level, but most certainly will be understood and processed by your energy field at a subconscious level.

Finally, the most important aspect to keep in mind when you want to experience a channeling session, is that your attitude has a huge effect on the quality of the message delivered, so it is in your best interest to have a session with openness, because the validation will happen. You will feel it in your heart.

“To thine own self be true”. William Shakespeare